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Apprentice Spotlight: Andrea Riley

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/09/2012

Andrea Riley joined the Laborers as an apprentice in 2007. The Laborers Local 472 member sat down to discuss her experience in the New Jersey Construction Craft Laborers Program, he attitude towards construction, and her future goals.Why did you join the Union?I wanted to work, make a good living. I...

LIUNA Spotlight: Hector Fuentes

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/09/2012

Hector Fuentes remembers the combustible working conditions that burned his lungs. He recalls fearing for his health amid hoping he'll see his next meal with his crummy earnings. It's easy to dream of a better road in such dank quarters, but difficult to take the first step to get there. Still, Fuen...

Build Safe New Jersey

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/09/2012

Concerned about growing inconsistencies among New Jersey's construction sites, where laborers found differences mostly in health and safety practices -- an idea that can be damaging in such a dangerous industry -- contractors and laborers knew a middle ground was needed.From that dilemma came BuildS...

Prevailing Wages: What You Need to Know

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/09/2012

Enacted in 1931, the federal Davis-Bacon Act established the concept that a community prevailing wage should be paid on government-funded construction projects. Its purpose is to give all contractors equal opportunity to bid and win government contracts, and to ensure that the government will not un...

I Build America

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/08/2012


Jackhammer Spray Dust Control

After much research and field testing, the New Jersey Laborers Health and Safety Fund created a guide on how to build a Jackhammer Spray Dust Control for existing equipment.  Download a free copy of the manual.

Jackhammer Spray Dust Control Manual

For Contractors

Think it is expensive to keep a safe worksite?  It costs a lot more to work unsafe! Studies show that promoting a safe workplace not only saves lives, it saves money and reduces health care and insurance costs.  

For Members

Our mission is to promote and improve the safety and health of our members both on and off the job.  The New Jersey Laborers Health and Safety Fund offers a wide variety of programs, services and initiatives, all focused on keeping you, and your family, safe and healthy.  We work closely with your local union and district council, NJ Laborers training centers, and with contractors and fellow health and safety professionals to make sure you have the information and support you need.  

Here are some of the services and programs available to all members.


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