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Our mission is to promote and improve the safety and health of our members both on and off the job.  The New Jersey Laborers Health and Safety Fund offers a wide variety of programs, services and initiatives, all focused on keeping you, and your family, safe and healthy.  We work closely with your local union and district council, NJ Laborers training centers, and with contractors and fellow health and safety professionals to make sure you have the information and support you need.  

Here are some of the services and programs available to all members.

Bi Annual Health Sceenings-  Twice a year, NJLHSF staff visit each local union to provide important health screenings like, blood pressure, blood screenings, vision screenings, hearing screening, wound screenings and more.  This free service is offered before and sometimes during membership meetings and is a reliable way toevalhuate your health and identify risks before they become more severe.  Click here for an updated schedule of health screenings.

Nutrition, Fitness, Safety, and General Health Materials--NJLHSF provides access to an entire library of materials realted to personal and family health.  Through the Laborers Health and Safety Fund of North America, members can also subscribe to the highly regarded Lifelines Online Newsletter.

Training--All courses offered by the NJ Laborers three training centers in New Jersey have safety and health information and instruction weaved into the curriculum.  Want to learn how to work safer?  Register for a course at your local training center.  

Consulation and General Questions--The New Jersey Laborers Health and Safety Fund works with contractors on implementing safery programs and plans, and can perform a site analysis on request.  Sometimes, members have questions or concerns regarding health and safety.  If you have a question or concern that merits attention, you can call or e-mail our staff for assistance.  

Through research and advovacy, the New Jersey Laborers Health and Safety Fund works to advance understanding, improve operations, and ultimately create a safer and healtheir work environment for all.

For Members News Room

Support the EPA's Passaic River Bank to Bank Cleanup Plan.

Published By: NJ Laborers on 2014-04-23

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a comprehensive bank-to-bank clean up of the Lower Passaic River, an area left for dead after decades of industrial pollution.  While their recommendations carry some weight, the fact is that offending...

Raymond M. Pocino on the need for living wages at Port Authority airports

Published By: NJ Laborers on 2014-03-07

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey should waste no time in adopting a living wage standard for all of its airports.  All workers deserve a family-sustaining wage and benefits for their labor. Certainly,...

110 Years!!!

Published By: NJ Laborers on 2013-04-12

The Laborers' International Union of North America celebrates its 110th anniversary on April 13th, 2013.  Twenty-five delegates from 23 local unions representing 17 cities--and 8,186 Laborers--convened in Washington, DC to found what was then called...

2012 Apprenticeship Training Schedule

Published By: NJ Laborers on 2012-01-31

Download the 2012 Training Schedule for the NJ Construction Craft Laborers Apprenticeship Program.

Get the PDF here.