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Local 172

Construction & General Laborers’ Local 172 represents heavy and highway laborers and plant and manufacturing employees in Southern and parts of Central New Jersey.

Apprenticeship - FAQs



1. What kind of work does a Construction Craft Laborer Apprenticeship do? A labor works on heavy construction projects that include roads, bridges, utilities, building, schools, shopping centers, etc.

2. Is this work physically demanding? Yes, laborers will be required to handle heavy materials including concrete and masonry, work with hand tools including shovels and wheel barrows and work with power tools such as jack hammers and utility saws.

How to Apply

Sorry.  We are not accepting applications at this time.

How can I become a member?

Are you new to the field of construction with little-to-no experience? See how to apply for the NJ CCLAP here.

Are you presently working or do you have prior experience in construction? In some instances NJCCLAP can award credit for prior experience. Find out more here.

Project Labor Agreements: An Ownership Tool for Success

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/09/2012

A Project Labor Agreement is a pre-hire collective bargaining agreement with one or more labor organizations that establishes the terms and conditions of employment for a specific construction project. On certain types of projects, PLAs have been demonstrated to be a very useful construction managem...

Liuna Mean Business

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/09/2012

Think about it: millions of business transactions happen each day where people set a price or affix a value to a product or service. A steel supplier sets a price for their steel; lawyers write contracts outlining terms and conditions; a farmer determines what she is willing to pay for feed, and an ...

Liuna Helps Build a Safer Worksite

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/09/2012

  Concerned about growing inconsistencies among New Jersey's construction sites, where laborers found differences mostly in health and safety practices -- an idea that can be damaging in such a dangerous industry -- contractors and laborers knew a middle ground was needed. From that d...

Apprentice Spotlight: Recent Grad Talks About Why Liuna

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/09/2012

A Quick Study of How Unions Help Workers Win a Voice on the Job

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/09/2012

What is a union? A union is a group of workers who form an organization to gain:Respect on the job,Better wages and benefits,More flexibility for work and family needs,A counterbalance to the unchecked power of employers, andA voice in improving the quality of their products and services. How d...


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