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Construction Craft Laborers Training of New Jersey / Delaware

The Construction Craft Laborers Training and Apprenticeship Fund of New Jersey and Delaware is a nationally respected labor-management fund affiliated with the Laborers’ International Union of North America.  With a 20,000 square foot training center in Jamesburg, New Jersey and plans for a new facility in Delaware, our training fund helps apprentices and journey workers improve and add to their skills, advance their careers and gain a competitive advantage in a tough marketplace. And we provide employers with an invaluable resource: a highly-trained workforce that helps them succeed.

Each year, roughly 2,500 LIUNA members and contractors utilize the Construction Craft Laborers Training and Apprenticeship Fund of New Jersey and Delaware to update their skills in a variety of fields including building construction; heavy and highway construction; construction supervision; environmental remediation, demolition, energy efficiency, rehabilitation and restoration. We continually update our curricula to reflect evolving needs, most recently adding courses on weatherization and green construction. All curricula emphasize job skills and health and safety issues in the workplace. Our Training programs feature several well-respected industry and professional credentials:

  • International Accreditation Service (IAS) independent accreditation of our trade curriculum
    and instructor training program.
  • Government accreditation or trade certification in industry specialties.
  • American Council on Education (ACE) recommendation of our programs for college credit eligibility.

Our affiliation with LIUNA Training also allows CCLTAF to tap into an unprecedented $60 million national education network, 350 professional instructors, and up-to-date and nationally certified curriculum.  

Construction Craft Laborers Training of New Jersey / Delaware News Room

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